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Global Citizenship

In today’s world, every person can be considered as a citizen of the world. For this reason, the concept of “global citizenship” has become increasingly important in the globalized world. With developing science technologies, ease of access to information and economic dependence, international human mobility has increased.  This mobility is reflected in the social policies of the countries, where societies  need to live harmoniously, act responsively and sensitively to each other.

Nowadays, when global problems such as human rights, migration and asylum continue to increase, the idea that these problems cannot be solved with the classical concept of citizenship be widely acclaimed.

When this is the case, in the understanding of citizenship that started to differentiate with globalization, the definition of “global citizen” or “world citizen” is defined for people who are aware of their responsibilities not only towards their own country but also to all countries of the world and the world they live in and have a universal consciousness and are sensitive to the problems of all humanity. Along with the changing world, people now want to consider citizenship and/or residency oppurtunities in different countries, and to get one step closer to world citizenship by conditions for residency and direct citizenship.

After all these demands, we have framed the “global citizenship” subject together with many countries, which merges with the legal world, and have examined the conditions and citizenship processes sought by these countries in terms of the residence and citizenship as Canaydın Law Firm.
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