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Student Residence Permit

Persons studying in Turkey can apply for a stuedent residence permit.


These people can renew their residence permits according to their education period.


The duration of the residence permit that foreigners can obtain varies according to the education stage they are in.

Foreign Students’ Right to Work

Associate, undergraduate, graduate and doctorate students can work, provided that they obtain a work permit. However, the right to work for associate and undergraduate foreign students starts after the first year.

Work permit applications are made to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

The documents that foreigners will need in their residence permit applications will be detailed below.

  • Residence Permit Application Form
  • Passport or original and photocopy of passport substitute document
  • Four (4) biometric pictures and one jpeg version (50×60 mm and white background)
  • Declaration which states that financial capacity documents
  • Valid health insurance (Insurance period must cover the intended residence permit duration)
  • Student certificate (will be obtained from institution where education is received e-signed/signed and stamped/sealed document)
  • Documents which show where Applicant is going to stay ;

Notary public approved copy of your rental agreement , If you are going to rent Flat ;

Notary Public Undertaking of The Host , If you are going to stay with friends

(If the host friends is married ,  The spouse of host must give Notary public undertaking )

You must attach e-signed/signed and stamped/sealed document which shows that you are going to  stay in dormitory ,If you are staying in dormitory

If you are going to  stay at the places like hotel, motel you must attach the documents showing your stay in these places

For these education  , you should get students visa from from the foreign representative offices of the Republic of Turkey

  • Elementary school (1 year)
  • Secondary school (1 year)
  • High school (1 year)
  • Military High Schools (1 year)
  • Military Schools (4 year)

For follows education  , The Educatian certifcate , which will be obtained instituion where education recieved

  • Erasmus Program Exchange Students(1 year)
  • Other international student Exchange programs (1 year)

For follows education  , The Training certifcate , which will be obtained trainnig center where trainning recieved

  • Foreigners who receive Specialty Training in Medicine (3 years)

Document which shows that specialty training in medicine is being received

  • Foreigners who receive Specialty Training in Dentistry (3 years)

Document which shows that specialty training in dentistry is being received

  • Birth certficates of children and Notary Certified Translations

(If mother and father cannot be determined from passports or passport substitute.)

  • Approved parental consent declaration and Notary  Certified Translations

(In case of absence of either mother or father )

  • Death certificate and Notary Certified Translations

(In case of death, other spouse must submit death certificate.)

  • Approved guardianship document ort he child

(In case of divorce.)


  • If the document is obtained from signatory country of the Lahey Convention, it must be apostilled at issuing country.
  • If the document is obtained from non-signatory country of the Lahey Convention, It must be must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then Turkish Embassy of the issuing Country.
  • If the document obtained from Turkish authorities, it must be signed and sealed.
How long can it be applied for type of education?
  • Bachelor’s Degree (2 years)
  • Bachelor’s Degree (4 years)
  • Dentistry / Pharmacy / Veterinary Faculties (5 years)
  • Bachelor’s Degree – Faculty of Medicine (6 years)
  • Military academies (4 years)
  • Bachelor’s Degree (2 years)
  • Doctor’s Degree (3 years)
  • Elementary school (1 year)
  • Secondary school (1 year)
  • High school (1 year)
  • Exchange Students(1 year)

Our office provides services in the field of Residence Permit for Students with its expert staff. You can contact us for detailed information and assistance.
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