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The Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Marriage

Acquiring Turkish citizenship through marriage is one of the ways to acquire Turkish citizenship in general terms and regulated in article 16 of the Turkish Citizenship Law.

Turkish citizenship shall not automatically be acquired by marriage with a Turkish citizen.

Foreigners who have been married to a Turkish citizen for at least three years and whose marriage still continues can apply for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship.

The applicants shall fulfil the conditions mentioned below;

  1. a) living within the unity of marriage,
  1. b) abstaining from acts incompatible with the unity of marriage,
  1. c) having no quality constituting an obstacle in respect of national security and public order.

If they meet all of the above conditions, they can apply for citizenship .

However, if the spouse who is a Turkish citizen dies after the date on which the citizenship application is made, the condition of “living in the family unity of the spouses” in the above conditions is not sought. Foreigners who are entitled to Turkish citizenship can apply for Turkish citizenship at any time.

The foreign spouse does not have to reside in Turkey in order to acquire Turkish citizenship.

Marriage can be continued in a desired place outside of Turkey, and after the end of 3 years, an application for Turkish citizenship can be made.

Our office, with its expert staff, provides legal support in all application processes for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship by marriage. You can contact us for detailed information and assistance.
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